Bordeaux, netween heaven and earth


Un album de photographies pour découvrir la ville de Bordeaux et ses nombreux trésors. Text in english / Grand Sud publications

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A city is neyer cornpleted. Bordeaux bas been changing for 2000 years; the urban landscape has changed, city life as well. To plan the future, we must take inspiration from the past. without being nos talgic about it. Yesterday’s images of the old port and its busy traffic are flot destined to return. k is our role to invent a new city and a new life within il. Since 1995, Alain Juppé has planned and lcd an ambitious urban project, combining modem public transport with increasing emphasis on environ
mentally clean travel. rehabilitating of the citys exceptional heritage and en couraging new inhabitants.
This project bas also brought the river back into the heart of the city hy link ing the two banks. It bas reintroduced the natural surroundings that were lost
in the l9th and 2Oth centuries and has created events for young peopie and places wbere ail can meet and enjoy themseives. Today, the city that was once called “La Belle Endormie” (Sleeping Beauty) bas now become (after Paris, of course), French peoples favourite city, a place where people want to live and work, as well as being tbe 4th most cycle-friendly city in the world. And yet, Bordeaux remains essentially herseif - a city of elegance and restraint, warm and friendly, aiways ready to receive students from ail over the world, and welcome wine-lovers from the five continents to its vineyards. Her university has a fine reputation as a leader in technological and industrial research and production.Inspired by her most remarkable traits - her wine, architectural heritage and river. and by ber most farnous writers - Montaigne, Montesquieu and Matiriac, Bordeaux is creating ber future by giving the utmost importance to the city life of her inhabitants.

Format 22 x 24 cm
Nombre de pages 72
Date de parution juin 2013
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